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SolarStorm 880 LED Grow light with UVB

California LightWorks CLW-SS-880 SolarStorm 880 LED Grow light with UVB
California LightWorks CLW-SS-880 SolarStorm 880 LED Grow light with UVB
Item# CLWSS880
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California LightWorks CLW-SS-880 SolarStorm 880 LED Grow light with UVB

The SolarStorm 880 is the most powerful LED grow lights on the market. It features 288 high flux bin OSRAM SSL LED emitters. The SolarStorm 880 also features a unique supplemental UV-B mode which is essential to develop higher potency harvest. The sun naturally contains large amounts of UVB. HID lights do not deliver any significant levels of UVB. No other LED grow light in the market covers the UVB spectrum because LED diodes are narrow band and focus their light in a narrow spectrum. SolarStorm employs unique T8 fluorescent UVB bulbs integrated into the fixture with a separate control. The UVB bulbs are typically turned on during final few weeks or “finishing” phase of the grow cycle to boost the potency of the final harvest.


A switch to change the spectrum from Veg to Bloom Supplemental built-in UV-B bulbs

Actual Power Draw of the SolarStorm 880:

In Veg mode, the unit consumes around 475W In Bloom mode, the unit consumes around 650W In Bloom mode with the UVB T8 bulbs turned on, around 680W

Product Specification
Electrical Characteristics Luminous Output Characteristics
Operating Voltage 90-277VAC / 50-60Hz
Total Power Consumption:
• Veg Mode
• Bloom Mode
• Bloom Mode + UVB
475 Watts
650 Watts
680 Watts
Power Factor 0.99
Typical current 2.83A (@240V) – 5.67A (@120V)
PAR Output Measured in adjusted*
µmoles/m˛/s at center
Distance from light: Value
12 inches 3,694
18 inches 2,439
24 inches 1,596
LED Characteristics
LED emitter type OSAM SSL
Total number of LEDs 288
LED color blend Prppiertary OptigGrow Blen
LED board .040" aluminum Metal Core PCB
LED color spectrum
(dominant wavelengths)
  • Deep Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Deep Red
  • Warm White
  • UVB

Recommended Coverage Area
Bloom (20”-30” distance)
Up to 4’ X 4’
Veg (Up to 6’ above plants)
Up to 7’ x 7’
Dimensions & Weight
Length x Width x Height 23” X 18” X 5”
Weight 32 lbs
Expected Life Span
LED Expected Life Span 80,000+ Hours
LED Expected Output After 50,000 Hrs >90%
Cooling Fan Life Span 50,000 Hrs MTBF
LED Drivers
Type of driver Custom Built
Constant Current Mode
Number of drivers 8
Max power per driver 100 Watts
Operating Requirements
Operating Temperature -15°C to 40°C
(5°F to 104°F)
Operating Position Light Facing Down
Warranty Limited 3 year warranty