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4" Recessed LED Downlight

Cree LR4E  4" Recessed LED  Downlight
Cree LR4E 4" Recessed LED Downlight
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Sale price: $95.00
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The LR4 downlight is a recessed architectural downlight designed for use in commercial and residential applications. Available with a moderate or deep recess angle offering flexibility to meet diverse lighting design requirements. It is suitable for use in insulated and non-insulated ceilings. The LR4 generates white light with LEDs in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, efficacy, beautiful color, and affordability. U.S. Patent # 7,213,940 issued. Numerous patents pending.

Performance Summary Utilizes Cree TrueWhite� Technology LR4E-15 � Moderate recess

� Delivered Light Output = 540 lumens

� Input Power = 10.5W

� CCT = 2700K or 3500K

� CRI = 90

� Five Year Warranty

� H = 5.5� D = 4.75�

LR4E-30 � Deep recess

� Delivered Light Output = 515 lumens

� Input Power = 11.1W

� CCT = 2700K or 3500K

� CRI = 90

� Five Year Warranty

� H = 7.0� D = 4.75�

Ordering Information Example: H4, LR4E-15, LT4-15A Luminaire is ordered as three components which ship separately (housing, light engine, and reflector)

Housing Light Engine Reflector

� H4 � LR4E-15 -120V, Moderate recess, 2700K � LT4-15A - Moderate recess diffuse anodized

� LR4E-15C -120V, Moderate recess, 3500K � LT4-30A - Deep recess diffuse anodized

� LR4E-30 -120V, Deep recess, 2700K

� LR4E-30C -120V, Deep recess, 3500K Standard Color Options (Inner reflector color with white painted flange) - Add letters from below to end of description for colors. (LT4-15AP) For WH remove the �A� (LT4-30WH).

W - Wheat B - Black P - Pewter WH - White Paint