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E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 Three-Phase kWh/kW (Demand) Submeter

E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 Three-Phase kWh/kW (Demand) Submeter
E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 Three-Phase kWh/kW (Demand) Submeter
Item# EMONDMON2000
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E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 Three-Phase kWh/kW (Demand) Submeter



� Direct-read 8-digit LCD display without multiplier displays cumulative kWh and "real-time kW load.

� Demand option displays kW/Demand and kW peak date and time (15 minute interval standard, 30 minute interval available.)

� Revenue Grade Metering Accuracy.

� Patented 0-2 volt output split-core current sensors promote enhanced safety and accurate remote mounting of current sensors up to 2,000 feet from the meter without power interruption. (Optional solid-core current sensors available in 100 & 200 Amp.)

� Current sensor installation diagnostics indicator.

� Parallel up to three (3) sets of current sensors for cumulative reading.

� Meter can be used in the following configurations:

3-Phase, 4 Wire

3-Phase, 3 Wire

2-Phase, 3 Wire

For other configurations contact factory.

� Optional removal terminal block for fixed-value pulse output. (Order Option ST)

� Industrial grade JIC steel enclosure with padlocking hasp and mounting flanges (Dim. 6 3/4" H x 5 3/16" W x 3 1/4" D) for indoor installations with 1 1/16" Knockout (3/4" conduit) on bottom of enclosure.

� Optional Enclosures:

� Compatible with E-Mon D-Mon accessories.

� Non-volatile memory.

� UL/CUL Listed. CSA Approved

� Certified to ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 electronic meter national accuracy standards. (+/-1% from 1% to 100% of rated load.)

� California CTEP approved for use with solid-core current sensors. Listed by the California Energy Commission.

� New York City approved, Con Edison approved for RSP program.

Model Numbers

120/208-240V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire 240V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire (Supplied with (3) Split-Core Current Sensors)

208100 KIT (100 Amp)

208200 KIT (200 Amp)

208400 KIT (400 Amp)

208800 KIT (800 Amp)

2081600 KIT (1600 Amp)

2083200 KIT (3200 Amp)

277/480V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire 480V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire (Supplied with (3) Split-Core Current Sensors)

480100 KIT (100 Amp)

480200 KIT (200 Amp)

480400 KIT (400 Amp)

480800 KIT (800 Amp)

4801600 KIT (1600 Amp)

4803200 KIT (3200 Amp)


Demand (kW) Option - Add suffix "D" to the model (i.e. 208400D KIT)

MMU Style-Add suffix "M" to the model (i.e. 208100M KIT)

* Outdoor Enclosure Available-Add suffix "R" to the model (i.e. 480100DR KIT)

Optional removable terminal block for pulse output - Add "ST" to the end of the model number (i.e. 480800ST KIT)