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E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 Advanced Submeter with Communications

E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 Advanced Submeter with Communications
E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 Advanced Submeter with Communications
Item# EMONDMON3000
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E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 Advanced Submeter with Communications



� Easy to read cycling 4-line by 20 character backlit LCD display:


kWh/Demand (with peak date and time)

Power factor per Phase

Real-time load in kW

Amps per Phase

Volts per Phase

� Patented 0-2 volt output split-core current sensors promote enhanced safety and accurate remote mounting of current sensors up to 500 feet from the meter without power interruption. (Optional solid-core current sensors available in 100 & 200 Amp.)

� Installation diagnostics and verification system.

� Revenue Grade Accuracy

� RS-485 communication capability supports the following connection configurations (or combinations not to exceed 52 devices per channel):

Up to 52 Class 3000 meters and/or IDR-8 interval data recorders

Up to 26 IDR-16 interval data recorders (IDR-16 counts as two devices)

Cabling can either be daisy-chain or star configuration, 4-conductor, 24-26 AWG, up to 4,000 cable feet total per channel.

� Communication Options:

RS-232/RS-485 (Standard)

Telephone Modem


Modbus RTU or TCP/IP

BACnet IP or MS/TP

LONworks TP (Twisted Pair)

� Records kWh and kVARh data for two channels. Data stored in 15-minute intervals for up to 36 days or 5-minute intervals for up to 12 days. Maintains the last 36 days of data in a first-in, first-out format.

� External meter pulse input (water, gas, BTU, etc.) on 3rd channel.

� Meter is designed for use on both 3-phase, 3-wire (delta) and 3-phase, 4-wire (wye) circuits. (Specify when ordering.)

� Industrial grade JIC steel enclosure (Dim: 9 1/2" H x 6 3/4" W x 4 1/4" D)with padlocking hasp and mounting flanges (Dim. 6 3/4" H x 5 3/16" W x 3 1/4" D) for indoor installations with three 1 1/16" Knockouts (3/4" conduit) on bottom of enclosure.

� UL/CUL Listed. Meets or exceeds ANSI C12 national accuracy standards.

� Optional load control/alarm relay (3A, 240V max.) with high and low threshold adjustment.

� MV-90 compatible.

120/208-240V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire 240V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire (Supplied with (3) Split-Core Current Sensors)

208100C* KIT (100 Amp)

208200C* KIT (200 Amp)

208400C* KIT (400 Amp)

208800C* KIT (800 Amp)

2081600C* KIT (1600 Amp)

2083200C* KIT (3200 Amp)

277/480V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire 480V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire (Supplied with (3) Split-Core Current Sensors)

480100C* KIT (100 Amp)

480200C* KIT (200 Amp)

480400C* KIT (400 Amp)

480800C* KIT (800 Amp)

4801600C* KIT (1600 Amp)

4803200C* KIT (3200 Amp)

Note: Specify Delta or Wye when ordering. Add suffix "Y" for Wye or "T" for Delta Configuration (i.e. 480100CEY or 480100CET)


To order options, add the specified suffix to the end of the model number (i.e. 480100CYM)

Meter Options

Pulse Output (Suffix Q)

Load Control Option (Suffix LC)

Communication Options

Telephone Modem (Suffix M) Ethernet (Suffix E) Modbus RTU (Suffix RTU) **Modbus TCP/IP (Suffix ERTU) **BACnet IP (Suffix EB) BACnet MS/TP (Suffix B) LonWorks TP (Suffix LTP)

** Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP communicates over Ethernet. No RS-485 daisy-chain capabilities with Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP. Each meter must connect directly to the BACnet/Modbus backbone and have a unique IP address.