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Holesaw Steel Toothed Blade

GREENLEE 35712 Holesaw Steel Toothed Blade - UPC 35712
GREENLEE 35712 Holesaw Steel Toothed Blade - UPC 35712
Item# GREENLEE35712
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Steel Toothed DIAMETER 4-3/8" (111 mm) .76LBS. .34kg USE FOR Mini Juno, Capri, etc.

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Capacity: Steel Toothed Blade - up to 7/8" (22.2 mm) plywood, wood, acoustical tile and ceiling tile. Carbide Grit Blade - up to 7/8" (22.2 mm) drywall, plywood, wood, acoustical tile, ceiling tile, plaster and stucco.


� Industry�s only interchangeable replacement blades.

� Strong durable back plate.

� Available in two styles - steel tooth and carbide grit.

� Made and designed in USA by Greenlee.

� Use with a power drill to cut large diameter holes for recessed lighting fixtures.

� Saws use Greenlee arbor 37156, purchased separately.