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4" H4 LED ADJUSTABLE ROUND GIMBALS Trim & Light Engine MODULE 2nd Generation

HALO ELG406930 (27/30/35/40) 4" H4 LED ADJUSTABLE ROUND GIMBALS Trim & Light Engine Module 2nd Generation
HALO ELG406930 (27/30/35/40) 4" H4 LED ADJUSTABLE ROUND GIMBALS Trim & Light Engine Module 2nd Generation
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HALO ELG406930 (27/30/35/40) 4" H4 LED ADJUSTABLE ROUND GIMBALS Trim &Light Engine Module 2nd Generation


Heat Sink

� Durable aluminum construction.
� Conducts heat away from the LED keeping the junction temperatures below specified maximums, even when installed in insulated ceiling housings.

� Precision designed fit and finish
� Die-cast aluminum with snap-in front loading ring allowing interchange of beam forming reflectors
� Gimbal front ring holds one lens media. Clear glass lens is included. Optional lens media such as L111 soft focus may be used in place of clear glass lens.
� 35� tilt adjustment with friction fit to heat sink.
� Smooth travel from nadir to 35�
� Works with the upper heat sink for thermal conduction away from the LED

Friction blades
� Precision formed steel spring blades provide retention of the light engines in the H4 LED series housings.
� Friction blade design allows the light engine to be installed in any position within the housing aperture (360 degrees).

LED Connection

� LED connector is a non-screw base connector offering easy installation with the H457 Series housings.
� LED connector is compliant with high-efficacy luminaire requirements as a non-screw base socket, so H4 LED may be used to qualify as a high-efficacy luminaire.
� Separate grounding cable included on the module for attachment to the housing during installation.

Finish Options
WH = White
SN = Satin Nickel
TBZ = Tuscan Bronze

� Three beam distribution options with interchangeable round beam forming reflectors
� Gimbal is supplied with 25� reflector pre-installed
� Reflector options: 25�, 35�, 50� beam angle (TL412RK kit)
� Clear glass cover lens included with gimbal. One optional accessory lens may be used in place of clear lens.
� Reflector and lens ar accessible behind the gimbal�s snap-in front ring.

Optical Accessory
Reflector Kit -- TL412rK

� Three reflector options
� 25� beam angle reflector (one is included with gimbal)
� 35� beam angle reflector
� 50� beam angle reflector

� LED is a chip on board design consisting of a multiple LED package with proximity phosphor coating to create one virtual white light source for a productive �cone of light�
� Halo employs a tight chromaticity specification and LED color binning process to ensure LED color uniformity, sustainable Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) consistency over the useful life of the LED
� Halo H4 LED chromaticity specification is 3SDCM initial and 5SDCM at rated life, which exceeds ENERGY STAR color standards (as per ANSI 78.377-2008).
� Every Halo LED Module is SSL quality tested and performance measured on the production line, and then serialized to register lumens, wattage, CRI and CCT.
� Halo LED serialized testing and measurement process further ensures color and lumen consistency to meet stringent Cooper Lighting specifications and exceed ENERGY STAR� SSL standards.
� Halo LED Modules and light engines include Color Rendering Index and Correlated Color Temperature in the model number.
Example: ELG406935WH
9 35
>90 CRI 3500K nominal CCT

� Halo LED offers the choice of four correlated color temperatures:
2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
� 90 CRI
� ENERGY STAR Qualified as used with designated LED trims*
� Can be used to meet State of California Title 24, Washington State Energy Code - WSEC, and International Energy Conservation Code � IECC, High Efficacy requirements when used with designated LED trims*
� LED emits no ultraviolet andminimal infrared wavelengths
� ROHS compliant
� Damp location listed with H457 LED housings

� Electrical/Energy Data refer to H457 LED housings (LED driver is fixed in housing)

� The HALO H4 LED luminaires are dimmable. Refer to H457 housing specifications and consult dimmer manufacturers for compatibility and loading.

Cooper Lighting provides a five year limited warranty on Halo LED Luminaires which includes the LED Recessed Housing, LED Light Engine, and LED trims. (Subject to all of the limitations set forth in Cooper Lighting Terms and Conditions of sale. Refer to