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HALO RA406927NFLWH 4" LED Retrofit Adjustale Gimbal Kit, 2700K,90CIR,Narrow Flood

HALO RA406927NFLWH  4" LED Retrofit Adjustale Gimbal Kit, 2700K,90CIR,Narrow Flood
HALO RA406927NFLWH 4" LED Retrofit Adjustale Gimbal Kit, 2700K,90CIR,Narrow Flood
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HALO RA406927NFLWH 4" LED Retrofit Adjustale Gimbal Kit, 2700K,90CIR,Narrow Flood
The Halo RA4 LED Adjustable Gimbal series are retrofit LED Modules for 4� aperture recessed downlights. The RA4 gimbals feature adjustment of 35-degree tilt and up to 360-degree rotation. In addition the RA4 gimbals offer selection of narrow flood (NFL) and very wide flood (VWFL) models for beam distributions suitable for accent, task, grazing and general area lighting. The RA4 integral LED 120V driver is dimmable with most leading edge and trailing edge phase control dimmers.
� Module includes LED, heat sink, reflector, lens optic, baffle reveal, and trim ring
� Durable die-cast aluminum construction
� Integrated heat sink design conducts heat away from the LED keeping the junction temperatures below specified maximums, even when installed in insulated ceiling environments
� Halo matte white paint finish
� 35-degree tilt
� Up to 360-degree rotation
� Precision acrylic lens
� Optical design creates a clean, uniform 25-degree beam distribution
� Impact-resistant polycarbonate
� Convex form for lamp-like appearance
� Diffusing, wide beam for even illumination
Friction Blades
� Precision formed spring blades secure module with friction fit to compatible housings.
� Friction blade design allows the RA4 to be installed in any position within the housing aperture (360 degrees)
Housing Compatibility
See Housing Compatibility
� Color Temperature (CCT) Options: 2700K, 3000K
� Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
� LED is a chip on board design consisting of a multiple LED package with proximity phosphor coating to create one virtual white light source for a productive "cone of light"
Power Connections
� LED connector is a non-screw base luminaire disconnect offering easy installation with the matching Halo H995 and H245 Series housings.
� LED Connector meets highefficacy luminaire requirements for a non-screw base socket, and where required to qualify as a high-efficacy luminaire. (California Title-24)
� The included E26 medium screw-base Edison adapter provides easy retrofit of incandescent housings (see Housing Compatibility)*
Ground Connection
� Separate grounding cable included on the module for attachment to the housing during installation.
LED Driver
� Dimmable driver is a 120 Volt, high efficiency, electronic power supply providing DC power to the LED.
� Driver meets FCC EMI/RFI Consumer Level limits for use in residential and commercial installations.
� Driver features high power factor, low THD, and has integral thermal protection in the event of over temperature or internal failure.
� Driver mounts externally to the module, allowing future replacement, if needed.
� Designed for continuous dimming capability to nominally 5% with many 120V Leading Edge (LE) and Trailing Edge (TE) phase control dimmers. Dimming to 5% is best assured using dimmers with low end trim adjustment. Consult dimmer manufacturer for compatibility and conditions of use. (Note some dimmers require a neutral in the wallbox.)
Eaton provides a five year limited warranty on RA56 LED.
� UL/cUL Listed 1598 Luminaire (with listed Halo housings) � UL Classified (with other housings - see Housing Compatibility)
� UL/cUL Listed for Damp Location
� May be installed in housings in direct contact with air permeable insulation** and combustible material
� IP ingress protection rating NFL models: IP25 VWFL models: IP34
� ENERGY STAR� qualified residential and commercial*
� Can be used for State of California Title 24 high efficacy luminaire compliance*
� Can be used for International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) high efficacy luminaire Compliance
IC (Insulated Ceiling)
Listed UL/cUL 1598 with compatible housings, may be used to meet insulated ceiling** requirements such as:
� International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
� New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code (NY-ECCC)
� State of California Title 24 "Recessed Luminaires in Insulated Ceilings."