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105 Watt Electronic Transformer

Hatch RS12105 105 Watt Electronic Transformer (120Volt 105Watts)
Hatch RS12105 105 Watt Electronic Transformer (120Volt 105Watts)
Item# HATCHRS12105
Regular price: $75.99
Sale price: $37.49

Hatch RS12105 105 Watt Electronic Transformer (120Volt 105Watts)

Electronic Low Voltage Transformer Product 120V 105Watts


High Reliability

Moisture Resistant

Emits No Audible Noise

Low Harmonic Distortion

High Power Factor

Lightweight, Compact Design

Small Case Size

Works with most commercially available dimmers. Hardwire electronic dimmers are recommended for optimum performance.

Environmental Specifications

Maximum Case Temperature 80�C

Minimum Starting Temperature -30�C

Sound Rating A+

Operating Humidity 95% relative humidity,non-condensating

Environmental Epoxy Sealed for Protection moisture resistance and shock/vibration resistance

Safety Listing Class P Type 1 outdoor

Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Soft Start Circuitry

All models of Hatch low-voltage transformers utilize a soft start circuitry to maximize lamp life. The soft start circuit ramps up the lamp filament voltage slowly when the lamp is cold.

NOTE: Instant Start on Hot Lamp Re-Strike

Electronic Short-Circuit Protection

All Hatch low-voltage transformers employ our (ESP) Electronic Short Circuit and over load Protection. The ESP sensing circuit will instantly shut down the output before any of the components are stressed if a short circuit or over load is detected.

The transformer will automatically reset as soon as the fault is corrected.

Input Volt: 120V

Output Volt: 11.5

Input Amps: .88

Output Amps :9.13

Max Watts: 105

Min Watts: 5

Enclosure Material:Aluminum

Weight:4 oz.

Power Factor: 0.95

Operating Frequency:25 KHz

Total Harmonic Distortion:� 20%

Input Leads:.6�, 18AWG stranded,105 degree C stripped 3/8� tinned

Output Leads :.6�, 18AWG stranded,105 degree C stripped 3/8� tinned