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Compact Central Lighting Inverters (250 VA/W Wall surface mount)

Hubbell LG2S Compact Central Lighting Inverters (250 VA/W Wall surface mount)
Hubbell LG2S Compact Central Lighting Inverters (250 VA/W Wall surface mount)
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Hubbell LG2S Compact Central Lighting Inverters (250 VA/W Wall surface mount)
Compact Central Lighting Inverters (250 VA/W Wall surface mount)

Designed for indoor installation in commercial or industrial applications. Emergency AC power is supplied to lighting fixtures equipped with incandescent, linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent or LED lamps. The lighting load can be installed at a distance of up to 1,000 feet from the LiteGear� central lighting inverter. Observe all required AC conductor sizing requirements. When using LED lamps, consider LED in-rush current in load calculations.

When normal utility supplied power is interrupted, the LiteGear Series unit will automatically transfer to emergency mode in less than 2-seconds and begin supplying inverted battery-derived AC power to the load for 90 minutes. The unit is capable of operating normally on, normally off or switched loads. A low voltage battery disconnect circuit will prevent �deep discharge� damage to the battery. The charging circuit will bring the batteries to full recharge within UL time standards. A �brownout� circuit will automatically transfer the unit to emergency power if the utility voltage falls to a pre-determined �low line� limit.

Unit and Electronics: 3 years full

Maintenance-free, SLA lead calcium with 10 year rated life.


The LiteGear enclosure and cover are constructed of heavy-duty, 18 gauge steel with a white powder-coat paint finish.

UL 924 (Emergency Lighting)
Life Safety Code (NFPA 101)
National Electrical Code (NFPA 70)
State and Local Code compliant

277/277VAC, 60 Hz
LG22 Power Rating
Input/Output Connections: Terminal block
Operating Temperature Range: 20�C to 30�C (68�F to 86�F) Charger Type: Variable rate float
AC Lockout: Prevents battery discharge following installation when branch circuit AC power is not present.
Low Voltage Battery Disconnect: Protects the battery from damaging "deep discharge" conditions during prolonged power failures.
Brownout Protection: Automatically transfers to emergency power when utility voltage drops to a point that would cause fluorescent lamps to extinguish.
Overload and Short Circuit Protection: AC and DC protection
provided by fuses and automatic shut down.
Test Means: Manual "TEST" button.
LED Indicators: "AC-ON/Charging" (green), "Inverter-ON" (amber).