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6" IC Incandescent. Standard Slope Housing

Juno IC926 6" IC Incandescent. Standard Slope Housing
Juno IC926 6" IC Incandescent. Standard Slope Housing
Item# JUNOIC926
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Juno IC926 6" IC Incandescent. Standard Slope Housing


� 6" Standard slope housing (oval)

� Oblique angle housing design holds trims flush with the ceiling

� Adjustable socket plate permits lamp to remain perpendicular to floor through entire pitch range

� Medium base porcelain socket with nickel-plated copper screw shell

� Housing is vertically adjustable to accommodate up to a 1" ceiling thickness

� Real Nail� 3 bar hangers: telescoping system with pre-installed removable nail for easy repositioning of housing in joist construction � Integral T-bar mounting feature for secure installation in suspended ceilings � Patented break-away bars for tight joist spacing � Bar hangers may be re-positioned 90� � Curved foot facilitates alignment with joist bottom � Quick-Loc slot and oversized set screw lock fixture in position

� Housing is fully assembled for ease of installation

� Pre-wired junction box with (5) 1/2" and (1) 3/4" knockouts with pryout slots, (4) non-metallic sheathed cable connectors, and ground wire

� Shadow-free, knife-edge trim design blends smoothly into the ceiling and allows architectural continuity with Aculux� trims

� Angle-cut baffles ensure grooves remain parallel to the floor to provide proper optics

� UL Listed, C-UL/CSA certified for through-branch wiring, maximum (8) #12 AWG branch circuit conductors (4 in, 4 out)

� Thermally protected against improper use of lamps

� Lamp wattage ratings and apertures based on trim selection


IC rated, energy efficient Air-Loc� double wall construction housing for use in 2/12 to 6/12 pitch slopes (9� to 27�) � Can be completely covered with insulation � Air-Loc installation stops infiltration and exfiltration of air, reducing heating and cooling costs � Juno�s patented Slope Ceiling Down-Lites direct light straight down, providing proper lighting from a sloped surface


UL Listed, C-UL/CSA certified for through-branch wiring, damp and wet locations � Wet location listed with the 610 trim � Washington State IECC and MEC energy codes as tested per ASTM-E283 � Conforms with City of Chicago IP requirements

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Catalog Number: IC926

Catalog Number: IC926W - IC926 with push-in electrical connectors for fast, secure installation