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Caseta Wireless - Control your lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere.

LUTRON Caseta Wireless

Lutron PD-6WCL Caseta Wireless In-Wall Light DimmerLutron PD-5WS-DV Caseta Wireless In-Wall Light SwitchLutron PD-6ANS Caseta Wireless In-Wall 6A Neutral Switch
Lutron PD-5S-DV Caseta Wireless In-Wall Light SwitchLutron PD-10NXD Caseta Wireless In-Wall Light  Dimmer PROLutron PD-FSQN Caseta Wireless 1.5A, 4-speed smart fan speed control
Lutron PD-3PCL-WH Caseta Plug-in Lamp DimmerLutron PJ2-3BRL-XX-L01 Pico Remote ControlLutron PJ2-3BRL-GXX-F01 Fan Pico Remote Control
Lutron PICO-WBX-ADAPT Pico Wallplate Bracket
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $5.79
Lutron Pico-CAR-CLIP Pico Car Visor Clip
Regular price: $9.00
Sale price: $6.29
Lutron L-PED-1 Pico Single Pedestal
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $9.00
Lutron L-PED-2 Pico Double Pedestal
Regular price: $30.00
Sale price: $22.49
Lutron L-PED-3 Pico Triple Pedestal
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $75.00
Lutron P-PKG1W-WH Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer w/Pico Remote Kit
Lutron P-PKG1P-WH Caseta Wireless Plug-in Lamp Dimmer w/Pico Remote KitLutron P-BDG-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Kit (White Only)Lutron P-BDG-PKG2P Caseta Wireless Kit (White Only)
Lutron L-BDG2-WH Caseta Smart Bridge (Allows Control Via The Lutron App)Lutorn L-BDGPRO2-WH Caseta Smart Bridge Pro (Allows third-Party Integration & Control Via The Lutron App)Lutron L-BDG-WH Caseta Smart Bridge
Lutron L-BDGPRO-WH Caseta Smart Bridge ProLutron PJ2-WALL-WH-L01 Pico Remote Control w/Wall Mounting KitLutron PJ2-4B-WH-L21P 4-Buttom Pico Remoto Control PRO
Lutron PJ2-4B-WH-L31P 4-Buttom Pico Remoto Control PROLutron PJ2-4B-WH-L01P 4-Buttom Pico Remoto Control PROLutron L-HWLV-WIFI Thermostat
Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W2 Caseta Wireless Kit (White Only)Lutron P-BDGPRO-PKG2P Caseta Wireless Kit (White Only)Lutron P-BDGPRO-PKG2W Caseta Wireless Kit (White Only)
Lutron P-BDG-PKG1-W Caseta Wireless BRIDGE KIT WALL DIMMERLutron P-BDGPRO-PKG1W Caseta Wireless PRO BRIDGE KIT 1 WALLLutron PD-5NE Caseta Phase Selectable Dimmer (neutral connection required)
Lutron Connect-BDG-2-1 Lutron ConnectT Bridge
Control from anywhere
• Turn lights on from your car
• Adjust temperature from your office
• Turn off lights and close shades from your bed
• Schedule lights, shades, and temperature to automatically adjust at set times of day

Install in minutes!
• Ideal for existing or new homes
• No new wiring required
• Set up is easy

Works with numerous bulb types – including dimmable LEDs and CFLs. Bring the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips.

Check out what Caseta Wireless offers.  Click the website link below for a Free PDF brochure.

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What is Caseta Wireless?

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