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MR-16 Eurostar�, 12V USHIO's Eurostar� reflector utilizes a multilayer titanium oxide coating which is much more durable than the standard dichroic coatings

MR-16 Eurostar� Reflekto� Ideally suited for recessed ceiling fixtures and landscape bullet fixtures where thermal damage to sockets and fixture components pose a problem

MR-16 Superline� For the cleanest beam pattern in low voltage lighting Superline� lamps use a unique multi-lens reflector to eliminate hot spots and striations in the beam

MR-16 Ultraline� Since USHIO introduced the original 10,000 hour Ultraline� MR16 in 1996, we have made many converts out of lighting professionals today.

MR-16 Whitestar� The Whitestar� high color temperature series of lamps were designed to provide a balanced, full spectrum MR-16 for display and task lighting.

MR-16 Eurosaver� These 35W halogen MR-16 lamps replace 50W halogen MR-16 lamps with similar light output while providing a 30% energy savings

MR-16 Frostline� Constructed of a frosted reflector and frosted front cover glass, the Frostline� series was designed to work in decorative glass pendant fixtures and eliminate the dichroic back spill of color.

MR-16 Popstar� These MR-16 lamps allow colors to be added to your design without the added expense of colored filters and gels. The highest quality dichroic coatings are applied to the front cover glass of the lamps to provide deep color saturation

MR-16 Softline� Constructed of a reflective coating and a frosted front cover glass, the Softline� MR16s reduce glare and soften the beam pattern of crisp halogen light.

MR-16Superline� Reflekto� Superline� Reflekto� series of Halogen MR-16 lamps provide professional accent lighting through evenly distributed light

MR-16 Ultraline� TITAN The first 18,000 hour life MR-16 lamp on the market.� Ultraline� Titan lamps are the number one choice for those applications where frequency of lamp changes and cost of ownership are significant factors