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NEDCO PAR38-839270009075 HALOGEN FLOOD LAMP 120V 45W
NEDCO PAR38-839270009075 HALOGEN FLOOD LAMP 120V 45W
Item# NEDCOPAR38839270009075
Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $1.99, 3 for $5.37, 6 for $8.94, 12 for $11.88


1 pc for $1.99 each

3 pcs for $1.79 each, total of $5.37

6 pcs for $1.49 each, total of $8.94

12 pcs for 0.99 cents each, total of $11.88

NEDCO PAR38-839270009075

• Manufacturer: Nedco International

• Manufacturer SKU#: 839270009075

• Voltage: 120V

• Wattage: 45W

• Type: PAR38, Flood

• Overall Length: 5.32 in

• Overall Diameter: 4.76 in.

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