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SB500W Smart Box Outdoor Sensor 120 volts

RAB SB500W Smart Box Outdoor Sensor 120 volts (White only)
RAB SB500W Smart Box Outdoor Sensor 120 volts (White only)
Item# RABSB500W
Regular price: $128.99
Sale price: $66.00

RAB SB500W Smart Box Outdoor Sensor 120 volts (White only)

* Surge protected

* 180 deg Detection Pattern

* Quick installation with 5 second Test Time and Auto Test Logic

* LED "on guard" indicator

* Protected Manual Override with Auto Reset after 8 hours or at dawn

UL Listing: Suitable for wet locations.

Voltage: 120 volts AC 60 Hz.

Time Adjustment: 5 seconds to 15 minutes

Quick Test Time: 5 second test time for fast installation. Works day or night.

"No Hands" Auto Testing: Auto mode starts after 4 minutes of testing. No adjustment needed.

Photoelectric Control: Deactivates lights during daylight. Fully adjustable for 24 hour operation or custom applications.

Manual Override: Double flip wall switch logic prevents activation by brief power outages. Resets after 8 hours. No extra wiring needed.

Surge Protection: Withstands up to 3000 volts

LED Detection Indicator: LED glows red day & night for "on guard" deterrence.

RF Immunity: Circuits fully shielded for maximum radio frequency immunity.

Incandescent Watts Switched: 500 watts @ 120 volts

Fluorescent Watts Switched: 250 watts @ 120 volts

Ratings: 5 amps

Power Consumption: Negligible

Time Delay: 5 seconds to 15 minutes

Manual Switch: None

Ambient Light Sensing: Adjustable

Adjustments: Time, ambient light & sensitivity

Detection: Full 180 deg view with tilt-down adjustment

Switching Capacity: Relay On/Off Model: Switches 240 watts when lights are mounted to sensor. 500 watts Incandescent or 240 watts Fluorescent of remotely mounted lighting @ 120 volts

Patents: RAB sensor and fixture designs are protected under U.S. and International Intellectual Property laws.