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3 Gang 57cu in Smart Box

Smart Box MSB3G 3 Gang 57cu in Smart Box
Smart Box MSB3G 3 Gang 57cu in Smart Box
Regular price: $10.39
Sale price: $5.19

Smart Box SB3G 3 Gang 57cu in Smart Box



Good for NEW WORK and OLD WORK construction.

Unmatched in VERSATILITY.

Contractor FRIENDLY.

Mounts to either wood or 25 gauge metal studs.

Uses less shelf space in warehouse and tru

Designed to accommodate all electrical devices.

Equipped with interior mounting screws.

Quick and easy to install and remove if necessary.

Outstanding for adustable depth work.

Excellent in tight locations where you can't swing a hammer

Volume & Wire Capacity


Max: 14 Gage Wire 28

Max: 12 Gage Wire 25