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PZZ01 Passive Blocking Filter

X10 PRO PZZ01 Passive Blocking Filter, 277 VAC 200 Amp
X10 PRO PZZ01 Passive Blocking Filter, 277 VAC 200 Amp
Item# X10PROPZZ01
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The X10 PRO 3-phase 250A Signal Blocking Coupler is designed to attenuate (at a rate of 30:1) X10 power line carrier signals from crossing from one household to another via the AC wiring. The coupler/blocker is installed between the meter and the breaker panel, using the Copper Neutral between the two. The unit may be used in single, dual or three phase installations. For best results a PZZ01 should be installed at both homes experiencing the signal crossings.

� Unique features of the design include its ability to efficiently couple X10 signals between phases, the elimination of any direct connections to the power company-side wiring and the elimination of heavy current carrying inductors, resulting in a very compact design.

� Note:Installation must be carried out by qualified electricians only. The main breaker must be turned off during installation and the flter must be installed in a suitable workbox or equivalent enclosure. Check local Electrical Codes in your area for any additional installation requirements. A jumper on the PZZ01 is needed from L3 to L2 when installing into a split-phase panel.

� Installs at the electrical panel to couple up to three phases. Also prevents X10 command signals from entering or leaving the building, effectively isolating the residence. Recommended for ALL X10 PRO installations. This device CAN be retrofitted.