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Smart Security Console

X10 PRO SC1200 Smart Security Console
X10 PRO SC1200 Smart Security Console
Item# X10PROSC1200
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X10 PRO SC1200 Smart Security Console

Now, you can get the SecuriLINK Home Security Console by itself. This is perfect for anyone who already owns an X10 security system and/or owns X10 security modules. SecuriLINK is fully compatible with any X10 security modules - Door/Window Sensors (DS12A), Motion Detectors (MS18A), Keychain Security Remotes (KR32A), PowerHorns and more!

Get the SecuriLINK Console and use it with any combination of older and brand new security or home automation modules. It's much more than your run-of-the-mill security system. Trust us, you've never seen a security system with all the features of SecuriLINK.

X10 SecuriLink Knows Home Automation

Not only is the X10 SecuriLink Home Security System the premier no monthly fee security solution, but it also provides complete integration with X10 Home Automation (Afterall we are X10, we invented Home Automation). Going away for a week on vacation? SecuriLink has you covered. Set the built-in home lighting timer to turn your outdoor and indoor lights on and off at different times of the day giving your home a lived-in look. Forgot to turn on your porch light before you went to bed? Easy, just reach over to your nightstand and with the press of a button turn it on without having to go downstairs. X10 Home Automation has so many practical applications you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Skip the Contracts and Hidden Fees!

It's just not fair to make you sign a year or 2-year contract. Here's a secret: the big name security companies have been doing this for years. It's one big scam. Don't fall for it! Since you own the system, there is no contract to sign. Yes, that means no monthly monitoring fees. But trust us, you will be the first to know when your alarm is tripped. It's effective security without the extra bills. Your checkbook will thank you!

How the System Works

When the console is triggered, it flashes your home's lights and blares a piercing 95 decibel siren (about as loud as a home stereo on max volume). And, it activates the voice dialer system. It calls you first. If you don't answer, it calls five additional programmable numbers (friends, relatives or neighbors) until somebody picks up. When you answer, it plays a recorded message (in your words), letting you know that there is a possible burglary at your home. Press any key on the touchtone phone to listen in on your home. That way you can determine if there really is an emergency or if someone at home accidentally tripped the alarm.

Secure your Doors & Windows!

The Door and Window Sensors for the console couldn�t be easier to install! They are battery operated and wireless, which means all you need to do is place it in position and it install it with the console, simple! No wiring necessary.

Easy, Wireless Installation = No Installation Charges

The last thing you want is some installation guy to track muddy boots through your home and spend hours installing your system. Since this is a wireless system, you can set it up yourself in less than half an hour with nothing but a screwdriver. No drilling, no wiring, no installation fees - it's a breeze!

Built-in Lighting Timer - a Well-Lit House is a Safe House

Security is about more than a white box that makes noise. It's about crime prevention. One of the most effective ways to deter crime from your property is proper lighting. With a built-in lighting timer, you can set your lights, indoors and out, to come on at random times or scheduled times throughout the day. This gives your home the lived-in look that strikes fear in the heart of burglars.

Motion Detection

Get the Motion Sensors a powerful detection. Set it up in your upstairs or downstairs hallway, inside room or in the basement stairwell. Any motion detected within a 40-foot range will trigger your alarm system. It is also perfect for large areas with many windows. Instead of using a Door/Window Sensor on each window, secure the entire area with one Motion Detector. You can also set the system in Home Mode, which deactivates Motion Detectors so you don't trigger the system in the middle of the night.

Control via Telephone!

Here's where it gets really cool. You can call home from any touchtone phone in the world and access your home. Simply enter in your four digit code and you will be able to arm and disarm your system from anywhere via phone! Forget to arm the system before you left? No problem! Need to disarm the system before the contractor arrives? Easy!

There's more! Not only can you control your security system, but you can also turn lights on and off with the touch of a key. Light up the house with a call so you or your family doesn't have to come home to a dark house. Turn lights on and off at random times while you're out of town to make it looks as if someone is home and more! No matter where you are in the world, home is only a call away!

32 Zones of Protection!

The SecuriLINK Wireless Home Security System is set up to handle up to 30 zones of X10 Door/Window Sensors and Motion Detectors - any combination of the two. That's enough for even the largest of homes and buildings! In addition, it also allows for two zones of hard-wired sensors. That means you can use third party sensors. Have a wired water level sensor or glass break sensor? You can wire it into the SecuriLINK Console and have it trigger your alarm. Have a hard-wired motion detector from another security system? Wire it into the SecuriLINK and use it for your current security system!

Arm & Disarm

There's no need to rush in, set down your groceries and enter in a password within 30 seconds. Well, that's an option, if you'd prefer. However, a Keychain Security Remote allows you to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button. Arm it after you walk out your door or disarm it with a click as you pull in the driveway.

Built-in LCD Display & Clock

The SecuriLINK Home Security Console has a built-in LCD screen. The onscreen menu makes it even easier to set-up. Plus, it displays a digital clock when the system is idle.

Full Compatibility with other X10 Security Modules

So you have previous modules of X10 security modules? No problem! The SecuriLINK works with any X10 security modules - Door/Window Sensors (DS10A, DS12A), Motion Detectors (MS10A, MS18A), Keychain Security Remotes (KR10A, KR32A), PowerHorns and more! We've made the SecuriLINK to be fully compatible with X10 security and home automation products old and new!