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Remote Chime

X10 PRO SC546A Remote Chime
X10 PRO SC546A Remote Chime
Item# X10PROSC546A
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Sale price: $29.99
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X10 PRO SC546A Remote Chime

Instantly Add A Doorbell or Warning Chime Anywhere in Your Home

Just plug the module into any standard wall outlet, set the house and unit codes, and the modules "sings out" with a pleasant "Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Ding" chime in response to any ON X10 signal.

Discover the virtually unlimited ways you can use this neat X10 add-on:

Plug it in upstairs, in the garage, in the backyard or anywhere you can't hear your regular doorbell. Place these modules throughout your home to create your own custom paging system.

Use it with an X10 Motion Detector to automatically signal you when someone approaches your home.

Use it with an X10 timer or computer controller to wake you up in the morning or chime every hour, on the hour.

For a louder signaling alternative, see the Universal Module that can be set to beep 4 times in response to an ON signal(s).

NOTE: Module does not respond to OFF or ALL LIGHTS ON