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X10 PRO TM751 Transceiver
X10 PRO TM751 Transceiver
Item# X10PROTM751
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X10 PRO TM751 Transceiver

The control of the lights and devices in your home or business is simple and convenient with the TM751 X10 Plug-in Transceiver Module at the heart of you system. The TM751 Transceiver picks up radio frequency signals from X10 remotes, like the HR12A PalmPad or a KR19A Keychain, and sends the signals over your existing home wiring to all connected modules

As the base of an expandable system that allows you to customize the lighting and appliances throughout your home, the TM751 X10 Plug-in Transceiver Module enables you to use your X10 wireless remote control from any room. The TM751 sends out signals along the electrical wiring in you home to the modules (like the AM466 and AM486 Appliance Modules) that connect to your lights and appliances. And, it features its own built-in appliance module which functions in a way similar to the AM486 Appliance module.

Welcome yourself home with well lit rooms and your favorite radio station before you're even in the door. Entertain instantly with dimmed lighting, fans, decorative lamps, and environmental elements switching on without your having to neglect your guests. And, tuck the whole house in at night with the convenience of your MC10A Mini Plug-In Controller or X10 wireless remote control, and without having to get cold feet getting out of bed.

The way you interact with you home will change with the X10 modules you control with the TM751 Transceiver. There are a number of X10 control units available, and there's sure to be one that works for you. As a system they control your environment with the modern ease you're seeking.

Attempts to use more than one TM751 Transceiver on the same wiring may occasionally cause signal collisions which may "lock up" your transceiver. Though, most home systems run easily off a single transceiver. In the event of a lock up, simply unplug your transceiver and plug it back in.

Be careful to have only one RF base unit or X10 security console (which also change RF signals into X10 signals for the electricity line) per housecode. If more than one base unit is used on the same housecode, X10 signal collisions may result.