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Dimmer 3-Way, Inductive - 120 VAC 500W 5A

X10 PRO XPDI3 Dimmer 3-Way, Inductive - 120 VAC 500W 5A
X10 PRO XPDI3 Dimmer 3-Way, Inductive - 120 VAC 500W 5A
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X10 PRO XPDI3 Dimmer 3-Way, Inductive - 120 VAC 500W 5A

XPDI3 X10 Pro Inductive Dimmer Wall Switch Module replaces your standard wall switch for complete local and remote X10 control of lighting and fan speed and allows you to integrate your fans and low voltage incandescent fixtures into your home X10 system. It can be paired with your current switch plate or one available at any local hardware or big box store. The XPDI3 Pro Switch can be used in 3-way and 4-way applications with the addition of one or more XPSS X10 Pro Companion Switches.

This switch may be used in single pole applications, simply cap off the red traveler wire. Please consider that lamps rated below 40W may flicker or operate erratically with this switch and should not be used. A power cut off is located directly below the switch for safe and easy bulb changes.

Neutral wire required for inductive dimming

Compatible with X10 Pro Companion (slave) Wall Switch for 3 and 4-way circuits (XPSS)

Special Note: If your incandescent or halogen lights aren't working and dimming properly with two-wire dimmer switches, this three-wire switch will usually solve the problem. If you're planning on using this switch with electronic low-voltage transformers, we suggest you also use a in-line noise block to eliminate the noise usually generated with this combination. Magnetic transformer loads usually do not generate noise, but may generate hum with some fans or motor loads. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether hum will occur without actually trying it. But, if unacceptable hum occurs, use the XPS3 wall switch module to provide X10 ON/OFF control only.

Whats Included:

(1) X10 PRO Dimmer

(1) Set White & Ivory Rocker Switches