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Receptacle Duplex

X10 PRO XPR-W Receptacle Duplex
X10 PRO XPR-W Receptacle Duplex
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Sale price: $34.99
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X10 PRO XPR-W Receptacle Duplex

Incredible, Expandable X10 Control!

Gain complete ON/OFF remote control of lights and appliances with this heavy-duty X10 wall receptacle!

Unlike other duplex receptacles, both outlets can be controlled locally. Only one X10 command needed to control both outlets on this receptacle.

The X10 Duplex Receptacle also features a feed through wire that can be used to control other non-X10 receptacles. Responds to ALL OFF. Rated at 20A total, 120V.

The Benefits of Local Control

Local control gives you the capability of being able to turn the appliance or lamp on even when you're not near an X10 transmitter.

To activate the receptacle locally, simply turn the appliance or light off, then on again. The receptacle will sense the OFF/ON cycle and will make the receptical live & on. Local control feature works on devices plugged into either outlet.

Whats Included:

(1) X10 Duplex Receptacle

(1) Mounting hardware