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Wall Transmitter Base Unit

X10 PRO XPT-NS Wall Transmitter Base Unit
X10 PRO XPT-NS Wall Transmitter Base Unit
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X10 PRO XPT-NS Wall Transmitter Base Unit

The XPT is a Wall Mounted X10 Controller / Transmitter. The XPT Base Unit utilizes 7 different multi-button Keypads to send X10 Commands (over existing power wires) to include: ON / OFF / Brighten / Dim / All Lights ON / All Units OFF. The XPT is mounted into a standard single-gang wall box and the Keypads are plugged onto the face of the base unit. The XPT Base Unit is wired to HOT and Neutral. The XPT with any of 7 Keypads can control any X10 Receiver Modules. Unit Number Addresses run in Sequential Order ascending up from the set Number Dial Address.

I.E. - Dials set to A1, next button is A2, A3 and A4 in accordance with the Keypad used. Individual Keypads come in White or Ivory.

The XPT requirs a Hot and Neutral wire only. The XPT sends commands to X10 recievers.