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Barn Lights,LED Lighting,Commercial HID,Low Voltage,Fluorescent

<b>ARK Lighting</b><br><u><font color="blue">Barn Lights,LED Lighting,Commercial HID,Low Voltage,Fluorescent</font></u>
Ark Lighting is a USA based Manufacturer with a full line of Lighting Products since 1996. Customers have known about Ark Lighting for over 15 years because of its dedication to customer service, quick shipping and standing behind its products. The staff is knowledgeable and able to walk a customer through the entire process from picking the correct fixtures to installing them properly. As the lighting industry advances, Ark has been adapting its catalog to be able to offer its customers the most current lighting trends.
Though Ark started primarily as a Recessed Lighting and RLM (barn light) manufacturer, the catalog now offers HID, Fluorescent, Induction and LED lighting for various applications such as Parking Lots, Sport Facilities, Street Lighting, Parks, Shopping Centers & Industrial Warehouses.
In 2008, Ark Lighting expanded its California facility and moved to a new location in Gardena, CA. This expansion has allowed Ark Lighting to continue its core goal of providing customers with access to an Expanded Inventory and its signature “Quick Turn Around” Service.
Our Staff works hard to provide you, our clients, with quality products, a competitive price and fast delivery.

Interested in other Ark Lighting Products Please check ARK Lighting's website for item/part number. Call us for pricing at  1-800-89-READY (73239) . You can also send us your Request for Quotation.