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Cyber-Tech Lighting

<b>Cyber-Tech Lighting</b></br><u><font color="blue">LED Emergency & Battery Back-Up, LED Grow Light ,</br>LED Hight Wattages Corn Lamp,</br>LED High Power UFO Hight Bay,</br>LED Light Bulb,</br>LED Lighted Address Signs,</br>LED Retrofit,</br>LED Security Light & Motion Sensors,</br>LED Step Light (120V),</br>LED String Light,</br>LED Track Head Kit,</br>LED Under-Cabinet Lighting,</br>LED Work Lights </font></u>
Get To Know CTL
With over 40 years of experience in the lighting field, CTL�s commitment to craftsmanship has yielded aesthetically elegant and functional lighting. While keeping in mind the economics of the marketplace, we are developing cutting edge, innovative products to meet the demands of contemporary yet economically savvy end users. With a sense of urgency we are moving at the speed of light to launch our new ideas, to benefit our environment and the marketplace.
Quality from top to bottom, starts from the drawing board, to the materials and components, to production methods, to testing, and finally inspection. It�s all wrapped up in customer service from the time you order, to after service of your products.
With your help, CTL has been able to grow every year. Last year we moved our headquarters to an entirely new facility that is twice the size, and opened another distribution center in Portland for QuickShip to our Northwest customers. Cyber has doubled its staff, and has added helping hands with all the new demand. We have developed over 100 new products that were requested by you guys. We would like to thank each and every one of our customers for helping us achieve all this and we will continue to strive to provide you with the lighting that will help grow and support your business.

<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Exterior Fixures & Accessories</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED MR11, MR16, G5.3 Base, 12V/120V Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED R20,R30,R40,PAR20,PAR30,PAR38 & PAR36(12V) Light Bulb</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> High Performance LED Candle Light<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED JC,T3/T5,G4,Bi-Pin and Lanscape Light  or Undercab Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Refrigerator E12, Nightlight, G9/120V Light Bulb</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED MR11, MR16 Elevator Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED A Type Lamp 12V/120V E26 Base Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED GU10,GU24, JDR, G25,PAR16 Light Bulb</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Filament Light Bulb </font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Hight Wattage Corn Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED A15/120V, MR16/12V Color Light Bulb</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> 4Pin, 2Pin Base,PL/CFL Replacemt Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Retrofit Linear Light Bulb</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br>3" & 4" LED Trim Kit Light Bulb</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Retrofit Surface Mount Disck And J-Box Downlight</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> Emergency & Battery Back-UP</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Wall Vanity & Sconce </font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED 3.5" Narrow Dual-Color Hard Wire Under-Cabinet Light (120V)</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED 4" Wide Dual-Color Hard Wire Under-Cabinet Light (120V)</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED 5" Wide Dimmable, Hard Wire,Linkable,Under-Cabinet Light (120V)</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED 3/4" Wide Low Profile, Linkable, Task Stick Under-Cabinet Light</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED  Linkable Task Strip Under-Cabinet Light</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Track Light Kit , Track Light Haed & Accessories</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> Dual Setting LED Grow Light</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> Hight Power LED UFO Hight Bay  & Accessories</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Wrok Light & Accessories</font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Security Lights and Motion Sensors</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br>48Ft String Light With 24 LED Filament Lamps</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> LED Step Lights, 120V </font></u>
<b>Cyber Tech</b></br> Low Voltage LED Address Light & Replacmnet LED Lamp</font></u><b>Cyber Tech</b></br> GU24 Spiral CFL Light Bulb</font></u>