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MR-16 Popstar 12 Volts Color Lamps

USHIO Popstar lamps allow colors to be added to your design without the added expense of colored filters and gels. The highest quality dichroic coatings are applied to the front cover glass of these MR-16 lamps to provide deep color saturation. Computer controlled alignment of the axial filaments in the Popstar lamps allow precise beam control. All of the Popstar lamps have UV protecting quartz used for the bulb wall to protect both the dichroic filter and the illuminated subject.

Available in colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Magenta.

Ushio MR-16 Popstar  2-Pin GU 5.3 Base 12 Volt Color Lamp
Regular price: $21.79
Sale price: $12.95